The beginning!

Piano Duo Venti Dita began after April 18, 2010 the date of a recital by pianist, Max Lifchitz, at St. Stephen’s Church in New York City.  My wife and I attended this concert, which presented piano works by NY Woman Composers and included Jennifer’s “Sketches”.

I really liked Jennifer’s music and since I am always looking for new piano repertoire as well new works to broadcast on Classical Discoveries I contacted Jennifer to inquire about her music.


Marvin and Jennifer at WPRB

A few days later I received a package of private recordings that I have broadcast over the years. In addition, I invited Jennifer, who has similar musical tastes as mine, to be a guest on my program at WPRB in August.  Her story as a visually and hearing impaired pianist and composer is not only fascinating but also very inspirational as well.

A few weeks later Jennifer asked me if I would like to try some piano duo music and thought “Wow, what an awesome idea.”


Alan Hovhaness transcriptions for piano 4 hands of Psalm and Fugue


What excitement it was when I discovered that there was a transcription for piano 4 hands one of great works for string orchestra by Alan Hovhaness – “Psalm and Fugue” by young composer Niccolo Athens, for which we got permission to perform.

I actually performed other Hovhaness duo works with his protégé and very dear friend of mine – Shoghere Markarian, but she passed away a few years ago.

Since I live in Princeton and Jennifer lives in Westchester County (NY) we found an inexpensive place in midtown Manhattan for our rehearsals.

Our first rehearsal included Hovhaness’s  “Psalm and Fugue” and “Child in the Garden” and it actually went quite well.

Our name “Piano Duo Venti Dita” came later. There will be more about this in our next blog, which will be coming very soon. Remember it is a mini-series. We don’t want to give away all of the punch lines away at once!!!!!  (MR)

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